Student assessments

As with all learning, tracking progress is often essential to ensure that the person is learning everything they need to and progressing as they should. When children first start school their academic standard is tracked. As a child gets older this is often tracked using some sort of exam whether it be a practice exam or a written exam.

Many parents and some teachers worry about a child’s progress being tracked so early on and if this will be a concern for the child, but at the very early stages of learning, their progress is often tracked in such a way that they are not even aware that it is being done.

Tracking progress is not to see which students are bright and which are not but more to see if they are receiving a good level of teaching and also to highlight any areas that they may need additional help in.


Exam revision

Exams can be an extremely daunting time for students regardless of their ability and skill levels. Revision is proven to help improve your chances of passing exams and allows you time to revisit topics that may have been taught a number of months ago to refresh it all in your mind.

Some people plan their revision in weeks if not months ahead of time. They will work out all the subjects they need to revise for and split the revision period up in to blocks for each subject. This can take quite a bit of planning time but can often mean that you make sure you fit all the revision in. Other students prefer to pick and choice when they do their revision and what subjects they revise for. Often students will leave revision until the last minute. This is often not advised by schools or the education department but for some students it still can work well for them and is definitely better than doing none at all.


Finding The Right Teaching Jobs In Hinckley

In the UK, teaching jobs are very productive and come with loads of opportunities. They are also among the most rewarding and noble profession. Besides the typical academic qualification like post graduate diploma or degree, you must also be able to deal with students of complex attitude.

That being said, a qualified teacher doesn’t always land in the position that he or she most wants. Traditionally primary teaching jobs UK were the province of chance: you found work as you could and accepted your lot. Now, though, independent teacher recruitment agencies are supplying a new route for temporary and full-time teaching positions across the country and in particular Hinckley. Continue reading →

New year, new start

With the school year about to come to an end, it is the right time to evaluate your teaching practices and make some new school year resolutions. You may be having a whole new class and this is the perfect time to analyse what happened the previous year and take from it the good and the bad.

If you found that there was a particularly way you taught a topic that worked well then you will want to make sure that you use this again. If there was something that you did that didn’t work well you may need to rethink about how you teach it and try alternative ideas. Ideally every week you should go back through your weekly plan and highlight lessons that worked well. You can then carry these lessons forward to the next year which will also save you time when it comes to planning.




Hardest uni’s to get in to

We recently carried out some research to find out which unis are amongst those that are the hardest to get in to when applying for a position. The university league table for entries for 2017 show that Cambridge uni and Oxford uni are the two hardest uni’s to get in to in the UK, this will probably come as no surprise, but then following on from these two Imperial College in London, Durham and St Andrews also make it in to the top 5. Cambridge uni was given an overall score of 1000 out of 1000 when looking at factors such as student satisfaction, employment opportunities following the course and research quality.

Oxford closely followed with 998 – only 2 points behind with the other three following a little further back between 927 and 938 overall.

When deciding on what uni to go to, you should take all of this in consideration but also the particular course you want to study and the reviews and ratings that it has been given by students who have already completed the course.