Strategies for the Best Supply Teacher Jobs


If a full-time teaching role is not for you, you might find being a supply teacher advantageous. Your work will be flexible and you will get a chance to work in a wide variety of schools, which will really improve your teaching skills. You’ll spend more time actually in the classroom teaching and less on the admin and meetings aspect of the job. You can also use the opportunity to work part time and pursue another career or interests.

There are many supply teacher jobs in Bletchley and all over the UK, it’s simply a matter of gaining an advantage over the other teachers who will be competing for the same opportunities. Here are some tips for getting the best supply teacher jobs.

Work With Multiple Agencies

Supply teachers sign up with an agency who will then connect them with jobs in schools. You can increase the amount of jobs you are offered by working with multiple agencies. However, be careful with this and don’t spread yourself too thin. The agencies will want someone reliable and if you are not able to take the jobs they offer you they might stop calling you.

Be an Early Bird

If you want to get the best supply teacher jobs, set your alarm and make sure you are out of bed and ready by 7:30am. You will always have an advantage over the teachers who are still sleeping. Better yet, head to your local train station and call the agency from there, letting them know that you are ready to travel to any school in your region before classes start.

Be Flexible

Keep an open mind and be flexible about the schools you teach at, the subjects you teach and the age levels. You will have a much better chance of finding a great supply teaching job if you are open to all possibilities. Also, allow for some flexibility on your rate as well, it’s fine to offer a lower rate for several days of work because this provides you with some stability.

Check in At Lunch

Often great supply jobs for the afternoon or the next day are given away at lunch time, so make sure that you check your messages while you are eating your sandwich! If you don’t check your phone until the end of the day, you might discover that the best jobs have already been snapped up.

Do a Great Job and Get a Repeat Booking

If you do a great job as a supply teacher, a good percentage of your work can be from schools you have worked at previously who have requested you back. This can be a great way to find semi-regular supply teacher jobs in Bletchley or anywhere else, especially since the work is easier once you already know the school and the students.

These are just a few strategies that supply teachers can use to find the best jobs and to enjoy success with this flexible style of teaching.