Looking for a career change in 2020?

Are you fed up in your current job? Maybe you have been in the same position for years and fancy a change or maybe you have tried something new and realised its not for you, there are so many job options out there it seems silly to stay doing something that you don’t enjoy.

If you have decided that you fancy a new challenge next year then why not consider teaching. Although no one can tell you teaching is an easy job or extremely well paid, but it is very rewarding and there are some perks. If you have children that are of school age then you may find that it is nice to know that during the school holidays you will be able to spend time with them as you will most likely have time off too.

You will need to have obtained a teaching degree at university to allow you to teach but if you have done any degree you can then add a PGCE course on to the end which takes about 12 months to complete and then allows you to teach.

If you want to teach in a secondary school then you will need to have a degree in the subject or very close to the subject you wish to teach.

Primary school teaching requires a less in-depth but more general knowledge across multiple subjects as you will be teaching a range of lessons based on English, Maths, Science, RE and PE for example.