Freelance Work – The benefits and the drawbacks

If you’re fed up of getting rejection letters from potential employers, then you might consider going freelance, especially if you’re extremely confident in your own skills and you ability. With freelance work you have to be relentless in every aspect. Freelance work can apply to a range of sectors, such as writing, photography and design among many other areas.

With freelance you have to market yourself, and think of yourself as a business. You need to get your message across and tell individuals exactly what you can deliver. You may find attracting a client even harder than finding an employer and this is certainly a big drawback to freelance work. When you become freelance you are taking on a big risk, and this is because you can find yourself struggling if you’re not finding the work you need.

There is also the chance that you do get off to a good start, and with work lined up you can begin to make more money than you would in a job, because you get the profit and not the business you’re working for. Going freelance is a bold decision, and it should not be taken lightly. It’s important to know that you’ll have to be active, relentless and persuasive if you want to get the work you need, and you essentially have to become an almost entrepreneur.