Do you have missing information or anomalies on your CV

A CV is vital if you are job hunting. It can be the difference between between progressing to the next stage and being rejected. It is important to put aside a good amount of time to put your CV together and once complete, check it and check again.  

When writing a CV there may be times when you have to put down something or miss something out – which may not look great such as a gap in employment or short employment periods at a number of different companies. There may be a genuine reason for this but if not explained, potential employers may see it as you being unreliable. If for example you have had a few short jobs due to working through an agency, then it is often advised to put that as a not on your CV.  Although you will often have the chance to discuss these anomalies when attending an interview, you may not even get that far.

Employers tend not have the time to read pages and pages of information, but a little note to say why is perfectible acceptable.  With this in mind, ensure that you try and keep your CV to one page and if you do have to write more, definitely no more than two.

If you are invited for an interview, be prepared for any questions they may ask your CV and ensure that you are honest.