Is your year 6 stressing about exams?

In year six pupils are subjected to undergo SATs exams. The results of these exams may be used to help decide what set the child will be in when they go to secondary school but mostly they are used to see how individual pupils are performing academically compared to other students of the same year group. They re also used to see how a school is performing and to check that students the levels they expect.

SAT’s may not be all that important later on in life but that doesn’t mean that some students won’t feel worried about them. They would have had to do SAT’s in year 2 but these are not done in exam conditions. Year six SAT’s will most likely be one of if not the first proper exams that the children have taken. It is important to discuss the SAT’s with your child and encourage them to try their best but make sure not to put too much pressure on them. If your child is showing really signs of worry, upset or distress then you may want to speak to their teacher or the head to ask for some help and guidance and to make them aware.