Eagerly awaiting exam results

Many students are anxiously awaiting their GCSE or A Level results this month. This year has been like no other and students all over the country have missed out on taking their exams due to lock down. This means that teachers and lecturers have had to grade pupils based on the work they have done so far. For many students who struggle in exam situations this news has been very welcomed, but for others who maybe didn’t have the best start to the year, they may find themselves missing out.

This last six months may have been very difficult for some students, especially if they find working from home hard or don’t have a great home life. They may of struggled to get all the coursework done that they needed to and may of found it hard to manage their time effectively. There will be a lot of catching up required when students do return but for those who were in their final year, its now straight into the real world of job hunting.

The grades the students obtain may be needed to help them progress into further education or possibly into an apprenticeship or fulltime job. Universities have set grades that they expect students to achieve to be allowed on to a course and if these are not met this month, then the students will have to go through what is known as clearing.