Tutoring children to catch up on missed learning

There are a great number of children who have recently missed out on school learning due to the lockdown restrictions which closed all schools for a few months. Some parents are worried about this and want to help their children to catch up and so they are turning to private tutors to support learning at home.

Finding a tutor that can help your child to progress in their learning can be a difficult process as it is a good idea to try to get a tutor that specialises in a particular age range and has knowledge of the current curriculum. Once you have found a suitable tutor and have discussed the support your child needs, a timetable for tutoring will need to be agreed. It is sensible to have a couple of sessions a week initially so that good progress will hopefully be made. If it is possible to have contact with the school to ascertain the areas of concern it will be helpful in targeting support.

Paying for a private tutor is sometimes a problem for some families but it is a worthwhile investment in their child’s future progress and may be only needed for a period of time until the child has caught up with their peers.