Tips to save time during the day

As a teacher, you will already know how precious time in the class room is. The days start to fly by and you need to ensure that you have taught the students all they need to know to progress further in their education. If you are a teacher of a reception or year one class then you may need to help the children to settle more so than you would older children. You can easily waste an hour throughout the day asking children to hang up their coats, sit on the carpet or tidy away.

To allow you to free up as much of this time as possible for teaching, it is important that you give them plenty of structure and that you establish early on what is expected of them. Make sure there is designated places for their water bottles, book bags etc and if you find that it is simply not working sending them all out together, then send them in small groups. Always make sure that you have them all sat down and quiet before you start explaining what the task is that they must complete and how long they have to work on it.