How to help children that are struggling in class

As a teacher it is important to recognise the children that may need extra help within the classroom. It may be that they are not sitting quietly and chatting or that they are not interested in listening, but other times it can be that they have other issues which is making it hard for them to understand what they should be doing. It is very important not to dismiss a child as acting up when you don’t know the reason that they do not seem to be doing their work. It may be that the child has a hearing issue so they simply cannot hear all the instructions or it could be that they cannot process the information that you are telling them quick enough. These issues can be missed for quite sometime but it is important to get any tests done as soon as possible if they may be needed.

You should always be trying to find ways of encouraging children to work. Often shouting at them because they refuse to do something will only make them more stubborn so often rewards work better. A simple rewards chart that allows them to see their progress can be enough to help them focus on the task in hand.