Help, which university is right for me?

Going to university used to be a path that was on offer for everyone regardless of class, wealth or even intelligence but the cost of going to university is high and leaves students in debt for decades so it is vital that someone wanting to go into higher education chooses the best course and the best university for them.

Choosing the best subject to study at degree level is probably the most important thing as you may be studying it for three years or more depending upon the course you choose. It is a good idea to select one that will give you the best chance of employment in the future rather than a subject that may be interesting but is not recognised by employers. Some universities specialise in certain subjects, so it is important to do your research beforehand and choose the university with the best reputation for your chosen subject.

Some students prefer a university in a city location so that they can enjoy the nightlife that a city can offer whilst others prefer a countryside or coastal university site. This is really a matter of personal preference but as you may be spending the next few years of your life there it is important to get this aspect right.