Ensuring that school is fun

With the majority of children going back to school this week or next, many teachers are trying to ensure that the children feel happy to be back and can settle back in to a good routine. Many children have been off school for almost 6 months and so it may take a bit of time before things can settle down again. School is not like it used to be prior to the Corona Virus, so although much of the routine has been reintroduced, still many activities and they way the day is set out has changed.

It is a known fact that children learn better when a subject is taught in a fun and exciting way. Often adults remember one or two specific lessons from their time at school that were particularly exciting.

As a teacher you will have a hard job this year. There is a fair bit of work to catch up on. It is important to not get too overly worried about the amount of work to get through and instead focus on ensuring that the children are happy and able to adapt back to school life.

If you are struggling for ideas on how to make lessons fun but also Covid safe, then the internet can be a great source, full of educational websites and forums where other professionals share their ideas and previous success stories.