Strategies for the Best Supply Teacher Jobs


If a full-time teaching role is not for you, you might find being a supply teacher advantageous. Your work will be flexible and you will get a chance to work in a wide variety of schools, which will really improve your teaching skills. You’ll spend more time actually in the classroom teaching and less on the admin and meetings aspect of the job. You can also use the opportunity to work part time and pursue another career or interests.

There are many supply teacher jobs in Bletchley and all over the UK, it’s simply a matter of gaining an advantage over the other teachers who will be competing for the same opportunities. Here are some tips for getting the best supply teacher jobs. Continue reading →

The Competitive Field of Education

Simply Education: Helping you Find the Perfect Job for You

Education is an important aspect of a child’s life. All children should receive education, but due to the rising vacancies in teaching staffs, UK’s goal of literacy can be difficult to meet. Good thing Simply Education exists. It is a company, whose main objective is to help you land the perfect job for you. It is composed of dedicated consultants who match your skills and experiences with the right school. It provides you with temporary or permanent work in nurseries and local schools across the United Kingdom. It helps you find the next teaching placement near you.

Simply Education provides schools with teaching staffs by recruiting online. It is able to fill supply needs and give children proper education by encouraging you to register on its website ( The consultants will take it from there and match your skills and experiences to the right institution. It offers a number of benefits to schools, thus many schools choose them as a supplier. The company is not after profits. It gives importance to education so it allows schools to get the most out of their budgets.

The company does not only protect the schools but also the teaching staffs. You can get a lot of benefits when you sign up at It makes sure that all your records are kept up-to-date. It has accounting and support teams that ensure timesheets and invoices are accurate. It also protects and inspects checks on both teachers and consultants. It supports both schools and teachers through an Agency Workers Regulation (AWR) to ensure cost-effectiveness. Moreover, it offers Continuing Professional Development to make sure that your knowledge and skills match the current trend.

Simply Education offers remarkable services both to teachers and the schools. If you are a teacher, you will surely like being a part of the company as it gives importance to you. Before the company sends you out to a teaching assignment, it considers your strengths and experiences in order to find a teaching work that suits you, your specialisations, and your lifestyle. If you have a school, you will surely enjoy strong working relationships with the consultants and supports staff of the company. They help you manage your recruitment needs effectively and match the teaching staff to the specific challenges and requirements of your school.

Simply Education expands continuously, covering large areas in the UK. It works with different school levels from Nursery to Secondary schools, allowing it to provide registered teaching staffs a great supply of work. You can start looking for a job near you by registering at You can choose a place to work in order to avoid unnecessary moves and changes in your lifestyle. The company is a member of the REC and APSCo, so rest assured that they maintain the highest compliance levels. It is awarded REC Audited Education Status in 2013 and will continue to be audited to make sure it follows the necessary guidelines.

Whether you need a temporary or permanent workload, Simply Education is the right company for you. It provides you with everything you need to grow as an effective professional.









Help With Revision

revisionIf you have an important exam coming up, you need to revise all of the work you’ve done so far, so that you can get the best result possible. There are a number of different methods you can use, and combine to get the right revision procedure for you. One great way of revision is to buy some practice papers, which are usually tests which have taken place in previous years, so it is good practice. Before that, you need to figure out all of the facts in your subject material, and review the ones which you think will be in the examination. With this information, you need to find a process which can help you to memorise all of them. Most people will compile a list, and then use cue cards to test themselves on all of the facts. For this, you can use friends or family to help test you. Sometimes, this won’t be enough, and it’s in this situation where you may want to pay for a tutor to help you go over the subject materials.

How to Become a Teacher in the UK using a Temporary Employment Service (TES)

Understandably, the UK government makes it a requirement that those who wish to work as teachers need to undergo a special teacher’s training program first. To start with, you need to have a basic degree like Bachelor of Science (BSc) or Bachelor of Arts (BA) at the very least prior to joining the teacher’s training program. The teacher’s training program is called as Initial Teacher Training or ITT for short.

Once a person finishes an ITT course successfully, a Qualified Teacher Status or QTS is given. In other words, they becomes a qualified teacher, who can teach at any school in the UK. Why is this training program important for those who wish to become teachers in the UK? One good reason is because it helps to develop a person’s teaching skills.

A trainee also learns about various teaching methods, which are not directly related to the degree course they took. The methods are usually general ones which are meant specifically for teachers. It is customary for part of the training program to be carried out in a school. Once the trainee is skilled in various teaching methods and has the confidence to teach schoolchildren, then they will be ready to play her role in educating children.

There are two key routes for teacher’s training in the UK. A person can opt for a school led or university led training program. When it comes to the university led program, a person who has a degree can opt for a PGCE or post graduate certificate in education course. For those who do not have a degree, there is the option to pursue a degree concurrently with the teacher’s training program to obtain a degree and a Qualified Teacher Status. When it comes to the school led training program, there are a few training scheme options for a prospective teacher’s selection.

There are SCITT or school-centred initial teacher training and School Direct Training Programme, which comes with a salary. It is up to an individual’s preferences or circumstances on what he choose to pursue, PGCE, SCITT or any other type of training scheme. But prior to opting for TES Jobs, an individual should decide if he or she has some interest in teaching. Only then would she be able to dedicate herself to teaching and educate young children as she should.

Teaching Assistant

Being a teaching assistant is a brilliant way to experience teaching from the teachers perspective. For people who are currently in university and considering teaching as a career, going into teaching assisting allows you to experience the profession without actually getting the necessary qualifications, and then you can make an informed decision from there. Teaching isn’t for everyone, and looking at only one example of the teaching life is not likely to give you a reliable view of what being a teacher is like. In fact, just by looking at one classroom and comparing it to another, you will end up with entirely different perspectives of what teaching is. Therefore it is important to not base all of your arguments for or against teaching based solely on one experience of being a teaching assistant. Teaching can be a very enriching profession, but it isn’t for everyone, and the more accurate your impression of teaching the better decision you’ll make.